How crucial is staying hydrated for the health of your eyes?

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The importance of staying hydrated in relation to the health of your eyes is not to be underestimated. Absenteeism in this regard can lead to severe problems.

The tear film used by the eyes to remain healthy and comfortable is composed of three different layers – a watery layer, an oily layer and a mucus layer.

Crucially, the composition of water within the watery layer means that if you don’t imbibe enough fluid through drinking, your unbalanced tear film can cause difficulties.

Why Are Eyes Needing Water?

Water constitutes 70% of the human body and is thus essential for all organ action.

Oxygen flow and expulsion of waste products from within the body relies on adequate hydration, including that pertaining to the eyes.

Coordinated with an adequate amount of tears due to sufficient hydration, eye lubrication can ensure that blinking is smooth and free from any irritation or scratchiness associated with sticking lids.

On an extreme level, dehydration leads to blurred sight, but possibly more threateningly, ulceration of the cornea.

Signs & Symptoms of Dry Eye Affliction

This desiccation-based ailment can bring about numerous sensitive symptoms including burning sensation in the eyes, sclera reddenning or becoming fraught with blood vessels, light-sensitivity, a distinct feeling of intruding material in the eye, blurring or double vision upon glancing.

All these symptoms can be treated by simply downing more liquid if caused by dehydration alone.

In further cases accompanied by harsher discomfort, artificial eyedrops are required for lubrication bringing comfort as well as moisture sustenance inside the eye.

Contact Lenses can also cause dry eyes

Those regularly donning contact lenses experience intensified dryness than those foregoing them.

This is because contacts block tears from reaching the cornea and therefore work upon remaining moist during application – requiring fluid from the surrounding eye.

Consequently, insufficient moisture leads to dryness causing uncomfortable eyestrain ensueing in mentioned above symptoms as well as others in graver cases too.

Surgery –In terms of laser treatment for correction – might not be recommended if dry eyes have been lingering prior to seeking correction services; implantable contact lenses being advised as an alternative choice in such circumstance.

Tips To Protect Tear Film (& Thus Eye) Hydration

We lose liquid over time when perspiring or using toilet facilities or may be exhaling vapours on breathing out which calls for frequent replenishment; obtainable mainly through drinking fluids with a recommended must-take figure of two litres daily.

Furthermore, lubricating deposits are encouraged with blinked happenings plus artificial drops if necessitated available across shops along with applications if visualization impairs not allowing one nod off easily.

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