Top 8 Tips to Preserve Eye Health from Home


What Can You Do to Safeguard Your Eyes ? Our sight must be taken care of in order to retain and protect one of our most impactful senses. Let us consider the numerous and varied reforms that we can make in order to ensure their preservation. Here are the top 10 suggestions of the Addis […]

Causes of Your Bad Night Vision and How to Improve It


Driving at night is not a popular pastime, because nearly half of all people surveyed noted difficulty with seeing clearly in the dark. With this in mind, motorists should look into ways to better improve their vision when driving at night and become more confident and safe while doing so. Signs That Your Night Vision […]

Is it Dangerous For the Eyes to Use Screen in The Dark ?


Heavy reliance on screens has become commonplace in our modern lives. From day jobs which require 8-hours of continuous digital display exposure to leisure activities like scrolling social media, 13 hours and 2 minutes has become the average daily swiping, scrolling and clicking. And to no surprise, 92% of people admit to using more than […]

How crucial is staying hydrated for the health of your eyes?


The importance of staying hydrated in relation to the health of your eyes is not to be underestimated. Absenteeism in this regard can lead to severe problems. The tear film used by the eyes to remain healthy and comfortable is composed of three different layers – a watery layer, an oily layer and a mucus […]

Eye exercises to help with vision improvement and eyestrain

Eye-Exercises-addis ababa eye clinic

Exercising the eyes is an important part of achieving an overall healthy lifestyle, but how exactly do you exercise your eyes? A number of exercises are known to reduce eye strain, strengthen particular eye muscles, while also potentially improving vision over time. Visit the Addis Ababa Eye Clinic for your regular eye check-up. What Are […]