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The objective : Stay one of the best clinics in the city.

Addis Ababa Eye Clinic objective is to remain one of the best in Ethiopia today, thanks to our competent, friendly team and up-to-date equipement.

Four reasons to choose our practice

1- Excellence in Patient Care

Here at our clinic , all of our doctors use the latest treatment equipment and materials to perform procedures at the highest standards for our patients. Our surgeons perform surgeries with modern and advanced techniques for your best comfort and an accurate treatment. We continuously invest in our team skill building so that they can keep providing you and all the city citizens with the best possible vision treatments.

2- A wide range of treatments

Most of our specialists have completed their training in the United States and the UK. Specialized in various fields, our personnel permit us to provide multiple treatments, from general procedures to restorative surgery. By continuously offering safe and efficient care to our patients, we have a reputation today of care experts and consultants in the fields of eye health in Ethiopia.

3- Friendly and Experienced Team

Our clinic employs Ethiopian and foreign male and female doctors and nurses. From the beginning to the end of your treatment, we make sure that you are treated as we would treat our own families. Our staff is children’s friendly since most of our medical personnel are parents, and they have received appropriate education to deal with children in a way that put youngsters in confidence. Are you worried about your treatment? Ask any question you feel necessary, and you’ll get a quick response. Our team take time to explain to you in detail the treatments you’ll be going through so that you stay aware of what is going-on at every step of the procedure.

4- Focused on your vision improvement

Our main goal is to provide our patients with the change in vision that they look for. Eye problems can seriously affect a person’s life and work performances. We know that. Our clinic strives always to be receptive to your problems and offer you the improvement you need in your daily life. With us, colors are brighter, vision is clearer and more accurate, and life is easier.


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